Job Search Criteria

I’m not looking for a job right now, but if I were, here’s what I’d be looking for.

I follow the 80,000 Hours guidelines in my job search. This means that my dream job would have three main characteristics:

  1. High impact. I want to work on something that matters: it has at least the potential to improve the world and positively affect the lives of many.
  2. Learning opportunities. I want to grow as a professional. This can mean either new skills, new domain, or new responsibilities.
  3. Good working conditions. I want to work in an environment that is supportive, respectful, and inclusive; I love a team that values open communication, feedback, and collaboration; and I expect to be paid fairly for my work.

Finally - and perhaps this goes without saying - I need to be a good fit for the job as well. You can get a good idea of what fits me on my About page - generally speaking, I thrive at the intersection of data and LLMs.

  • If you have a dream job that fits these criteria, please reach out right away!
  • If your job fits some but not all, I’m still happy to hear about it, but less likely to leave my current position over it.
  • If your job doesn’t fit any of these criteria, I’m probably not the right person for it.