About Me

Meet Šimon Podhajský.

Hi! I’m Šimon Podhajský1. I graduated Yale in 2015 and have worked in data analytics, data science, and data engineering ever since. Here’s what I do best:

  • I know how to evaluate and productionize LLM-based applications. I understand that integrating standard software engineering and ML best practices is what keeps the modern LLM-based apps from remaining merely a fancy demo.
  • I know data engineering. Performant, semantically rich, reproducible: my pipelines are all of the above.
  • I know data science and data analytics. (It’s more than just averages and sums across the right groups.)
  • I work across the full stack, all the way to deployment. Does the project need a frontend to interact with and a cloud infrastructure to host itself in? I’m on it.
  • I know communication and public speaking. I’ve spoken at local meetups, online events, and big conferences. Hit me up to speak at any of the above!
  • I’m a generalist, which just means that I don’t stop at a problem’s boundary; I see it through wherever it needs to go.

If you like what you’re seeing, let’s chat! (If you’re a recruiter, please read my job search criteria.)

And if you want to pick out a topic of conversation, I’m up to a lot of things - hopefully, we can find something in common!


  1. My name is Czech. The “š” is pronounced like the “sh” in “shoe”, and the “ý” is pronounced like the “ee” in “bee”. So, it’s “SHIH-mon Pot-HIGH-skee”. But you can always call me Simon.